Representative Lewis: Room for Bipartisanship Moving Forward

State Representative Seth Lewis (R-Bartlett) and other legislators gathered in the capitol building today for the first time in over a year to vote on the rules by which the Illinois House operates. The House took an important first step in establishing term limits to prevent a repeat of former Speaker Michael Madigan’s tenure.

“When I ran for office I pledged to remove Mike Madigan from the Speaker’s office and to establish term limits. I’m happy to say we’ve got a fresh start under new Speaker Chris Welch and these new rules we voted on today do establish term limits on House leadership,” Rep Lewis said.

The Illinois House voted 70-44 to approve the House Resolution 72. Ultimately, Rep. Lewis voted no on the House Rules. “I was hoping to see House Rules that respected all legislative voices equally, and provided for a fair and transparent flow of business. These rules, while they do contain some improvements that have me hopeful, don’t go far enough in making sure that there’s room for the public to have a seat at the table in the legislative process.”

Rep. Lewis continued, “going forward, there’s still a lot of opportunity for commonsense, bipartisan legislation that I’m excited about.” Rep. Lewis has signed on to co-sponsor House Bill 642 from Democrat Representative Anthony DeLuca, which will codify the term limits outlined in the House Rules into law. “We’re making progress and working together for the betterment of Illinois. I can’t wait to accomplish more of the promises I made to the people of my district.”