Legislative Spotlight: HB 270 Aims to Make Cities More Bike Friendly

This article is part of a series highlighting legislation sponsored or co-sponsored by State Representative Seth Lewis. 

It would be easier to put bike lanes and sidewalks in cities throughout Illinois under legislation co-sponsored by State Representative Seth Lewis. 

“Bike paths and sidewalks absolutely should be a standard feature of state road projects, instead of being treated as a luxury,” said Lewis. “This is a great way to increase public safety while also making our communities more bike-friendly.”

Under current law, if a community wants to add a sidewalk or bike path to a state road, they’re required to pay for 20% of that project. For many smaller communities with smaller budgets, that not a viable option. HB 270 would require the Illinois Department of Transportation to build sidewalks or bike paths at the same time as other construction projects. 

HB 270 passed out of the House on an overwhelming bipartisan roll call and now awaits final action in the Illinois Senate.  Follow the legislation’s progress here.